February 11, 2016  


  • Cloud based reporting
  • 7" Color touch screen Tablet PC
  • Multi-language capability
  • Easy installation and networking
  • Integrates with existing PieceCounters
  • POS integration capabilities
  • Color changing screen based on efficiency
  • HDMI output to mirror display on larger screen
  • 6-12 month ROI

"The time needed to tunnel shirts and pants has been reduced on a daily basis by 45 minutes.  Total employee hours have reduced enough that we are not going to replace one person that is leaving."
- Lynn Vavrek, CFO, Foasberg Cleaners, Long Beach, CA, 7 units

"Much more than a piece count system, its a way of management.  Any plant owner/operator will need this management system in order to be successful."
- Mark Mills, Owner, Sir Galloway Cleaners, Miami, Florida, 12 units

"Having the PieceCounter is like having a manager that spends all his time watching production.  It takes that personal element out of production management that both management and pressers dislike so much. It makes the numbers black and white.  The pressers are either performing to company standards, or they are not.  The information is right in front of the pressers so they know at all times whether or not they are meeting their goals."
- Gary Axelson, Owner, Lakeside French Cleaners, San Francisco, CA, 3 units

"We have experienced a substantial increase in productivity as a result of the piece count system. YOU GUYS GET A 10++++!"
- Eliana Lezcano, Human Resources Manager, Sir Galloway Cleaners, Miami, Florida

I was not sure how my pressers would react to the PieceCounter.  To my surprise they love to know how they are doing and like to compete with each other to see who had the best numbers for the day.
- Gary Axelson, Owner, Lakeside French Cleaners, San Francisco, CA, 3 units

"We noticed an immediate increase after just one week with the piece counter.  Our overtime has been reduced, and we see more accountability in the employees without the constant 'discussions' about their numbers.  It is right there in front of them and us!  This puts everyone on the right track."
-Jack Norton, Owner, Nortons Cleaners and Laundry, Placentia, CA, 4 units

In dry cleaning and laundry, finishing is our greatest expense.  Slight variations in productivity can have a huge impact on the bottom line which can quickly eat way at profits.  Current methods of tracking productivity such as bread tabs and chicken rings are a step in the right direction but gathering the data and calculating the scores is expensive and time consuming.  Plus, the information gathered from these methods often lacks the accuracy to make any meaningful management decisions. 

The PieceCounter is a new, fully automated way of tracking productivity in your plant.  It automatically counts the pieces with one of our highly accurate sensors and automatically calculates the PPH scores.  Additionally, a PieceCounter at each pressing station will motivate your pressers to produce consistently at your productivity goals by continuously displaying their current PPH goal and score plus an efficiency (percentage of goal).  This will level out the up and down roller coaster productivity that exists in most plants and save you hundreds to thousands of dollars a month (see how much you could save in your plant with our savings calculator).  No longer will pressers be able to stretch a six hour day into eight.

Additionally, the PieceCounter greatly simplifies the management of your pressers.  Calculating and communicating PPH scores to your pressers is a time and energy consuming task.  Time and energy that could be spent on other areas of your business.  With the PieceCounter all pieces are counted and PPH scores calculated for you and are coummunicated directly to your pressers.  Plus, detailed and summary reports on the Internet allow you to see at a glance how efficiently your plant is operating.


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