February 9, 2016  
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PieceCounter Conduit SetupFacilitates communications between your PieceCounters and the hosted server. Install it on a PC that is on the same network as the PieceCounters.Software4/22/2008Unknown
Brochure - Linen & Uniform Supply ApplicationLinen & Uniform PDF brochure.Documentation3/3/20102.90 MB
Piece Counter Conduit for XP HomeFacilitates communications between your PieceCounters and the hosted server. Install it on a PC that is on the same network as the PieceCounters.Software8/13/2009471.66 KB
PieceCounter Setup & Users GuideManual for PieceCounter installation, setup and use.Documentation4/22/20083.66 MB
Pre-Installation FormsFor customer to set up jobs, employees and end session reasons before installation takes place.Documentation4/22/2008169.73 KB
Typical Network ConfigurationTypical Ethernet connections between PieceCounters, switch, router, modem and PC. Documentation4/22/200821.80 KB
Job ArchitectureA diagram to show the relationship between Jobs, Job Screens and PieceCounters.Documentation4/22/200829.50 KB
Brochure - Dry Cleaning ApplicationDry cleaning & shirt laundry PDF brochure.Documentation3/3/20101.53 MB
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Effect of Real-Time Feedback in CPR TrainingReal-time feedback in CPR training improved correct inflations from 2% to 64%, decreased the percentage of "too fast inflations" from 94% to 25%, and increased correct depth of chest compressions from 32% to 92%.Case Study2/2/201053.96 KB
Effect of Real-Time Feedback in Amputee RehabilitationReal-time visual feedback created a 22% improvement in tidal volume in amputees learning to walk with prostheses.Case Study2/2/2010225.16 KB
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Small Improvements Can Pay Huge DividendsArticle about how improving productivity only a few pieces per hour can save thousands of dollars per year in labor costs.Article9/25/201084.10 KB
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 TitleDescriptionCategoryModified DateSize
Row MergerA powerful utility created by Wesvic Systems for merging multiple row CSV .txt records in to one row to make them easy to work with in excel. Very useful for using with DCCS SuperDos custom reports.Software10/12/2009Unknown
Bar Code Placement GuideGuide for suggested heat seal bar code placements in garments with a balance between easy to find for the dry cleaners and hidden from sight of the customer.Documentation5/30/2012Unknown

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