Oceanside Cleaners

Michael Harris of Oceanside Cleaners in Jacksonville, FL called me a while back to tell me that he was going to sell his PieceCounters. He said he didn’t have any problems with the system and that his pressers were still using them, he just never looked at the reports so he didn’t think he was getting much value from them.

I told him no problem and that I would even help him find a buyer, but I asked Mike to first unplug the PieceCounters for at least one pay period and watch his labor costs to make sure they didn’t go up. Sure enough, Mike later told me that labor costs increased approximately 20% that pay period and, needless to say, Mike kept the PieceCounters. After seeing the powerful impact that real-time performance feedback had on his pressers, Mike soon added two more units to his shirt laundry for a total of 14 units in his plant.

Whether you have one presser or one hundred, the PieceCounter can save you 10 to 25% in your labor costs, paying for itself in 6 months or less for most operations.

Michael Harris, Oceanside Cleaners, Jacksonville, FL – 14 units